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Saw Mill (site of)
On the grassed area to the west side of the car park is the site of an old saw mill.

It is believed to be post WWII, although it is not known when it was set up or removed.

There have been traces left behind on the ground indicating its past use, such as concrete plinths and platforms, many of which have metal ‘bolts’ or pits embedded.  They have since been cut down leaving just a few inches of metal remaining.  The saw mill machinery was once attached to the platforms to secure them in place.

Some large nuts and bolts can also be seen.  Just two are currently visible;  one is anchored into a concrete plinth which is clearly visible and the other is surrounded by grass with just the head showing above ground.

The National Park Authority have done their own survey of the site, details of which can be found here.
But I took a few of my own basic measurements at the time I took these photographs.

The visible concrete plinth with the nut and bolt measures 5' 0" by 4' 6".  The total bolt length above ground is 10" (6" of that is the thread), bolt diameter is 2", the nut and bolt head is 3" diameter, bolt head is 1¼" thick and the nut is 2" thick, so this has held in place quite a substantial structure.

The concrete plinth a few feet further to the south measures 4' square and has 3 metal pins embedded in it which have been cut off to leave a few inches remaining.

About 20 feet behind this plinth, near the car park, you can see a similar sized bolt head sticking out of the ground.

I found one other large visible concrete platform on the far west side of this grassed area, just slightly south of the square plinth with the 3 sawn off rods.
This particular platform is now mostly surrounded by bracken and covered in moss.  It measures 10 feet long, 4 feet wide and 18 inches high.  It has 6 sets of sawn off metal pins on its upper surface, 3 each side of its length evenly spaced.  The pins are 1½" in diameter.
Saw Mill (site of)
Site of a post WWII saw mill, although it's not known when it was set up or removed.
[Photos taken 13 January 2017]
Anderwood Inclosure / Burley Outer Rails Inclosure
My assignment for today was to make my way through 'Anderwood Inclosure' to 'Burley Outer Rails Inclosure', to a footbridge over 'Blackensford Brook'.
[Photos taken 2 March 2017]
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