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You will come across beautiful scenery and many weird and wonderful sights.   From encounters with the iconic New Forest Ponies and fleeting glimpses of the shy deer emerging from the undergrowth as they cross footpaths before darting back under cover of the trees, to ancient and eerie fairytale looking trees with strange fungus growing up and around them.

My photos below show some of these things that you are likely to see.

Car park entrance
Sign showing facilities available here.
The barbecue area available for hire.

Raised non disposable charcoal and gas BBQs are allowed in the car park here.

For groups of over 20 people you can hire the barbecue site where a hearth is provided, but you must book well in advance.

Disposable BBQs are not allowed here - do not use them anywhere else in the forest as they pose a particular fire risk.

Enjoy a picnic on the grass adjacent to the car park, before setting off to explore the forest either on foot or bicycle. The designated cycle routes are clearly marked.
(Photo below right is an example of one of the cycle routes.)

Public conveniences are in the car park.  (Photo below left.)

The revamped public conveniences for 2015 (in car park).
Not certain why bright red was chosen for the colour scheme though, instead of the usual muted green/blue colours which blend with the landscape (looks more like a fire station now).
Part of the cycle route
A cold and frosty morning in January 2016.
[Photos taken 12 August 2016]
Pannage at Anderwood
During the 'Pannage' season in the Forest, pigs are released to eat the fallen acorns which are otherwise poisonous to the ponies that also graze freely.
This mother and piglets are running along the side of a road next to Anderwood Inclosure.
[Photo taken 22 October 2016]
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