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Favourite Areas
Bolderwood car park is the most visited in the New Forest.  One of the main reasons for this is the Deer Sanctuary, just a short walk from the car park, with a deer observation platform which overlooks a large meadow.  A herd of Fallow Deer can usually be seen here, although the sightings are not guaranteed.  The herd are fed daily by the local New Forest keeper, between the months of April and September.  Feeding time is usually between noon and 3pm.

Although the Deer Sanctuary is the main attraction there are other facilities for the whole family to enjoy.  A large open grassed area on one side of the car park is ideal for family fun, whilst on the other side is a picnic area.  
Disposable barbecues are welcome in the picnic area, and BBQ stands are provided for their use. Raised non disposable charcoal and gas BBQs may also be used here.

Next to the picnic area is a New Forest information cabin manned by a Forest Ranger, but this is not always open.

Public conveniences are situated next to the information cabin.

If you wish to explore the forest at a leisurely pace and take in the other wildlife, then graded walks are provided.  There are three walks of 1/2 mile (Deer Watch Trail), 1 mile (Jubilee Trail) and 2 miles (Radnor Trail), all of which are very easy going along gravel tracks, and each one starts and ends at the picnic area.

View from car park to the open grassed area
Information Board in car park
Picnic / BBQ site / Information Cabin
Deer viewing
Sign advising entering Deer Sanctuary
You are approaching the rear of the deer sanctuary here. On the other side, across the large meadow to the left of the path, is the public viewing platform.
This tree has once seen better days, but still has some character.
Gnarly tree roots
'Crane Flies' mating
View across the open grassed area next to the car park, with New Forest ponies grazing in the distance.
Approach road to the car park from the opposite side of the main entrance. A grazing pony can be seen ambling across the road.
Pony feeding on ferns
The Canadian Memorial

The Canadian Memorial is situated by the side of the road approx. 1/2 mile north of Bolderwood car park. There is a smaller Forestry Commission car park, known as Mogshade, next to the memorial but there is no sign indicating it.

The memorial is a simple wooden cross recalling the presence of World War Two Canadian forces in the New Forest before the D-Day invasion of June 6th, 1944.

A long ago fallen tree creating some very eerie looking branches.
This one is between the car park and the 'Canadian Memorial.'
Mogshade Hill with the lake (seen in photo below left) off to the right of this shot. 'Withybed Bottom' and 'Fox Hill' in the distance.
This little lake is nestled amongst the trees in an area called Mogshade Hill which is behind the 'Canadian Memorial.'
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