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Favourite Areas
Balmer Lawn
Balmer Lawn is the area of grassland from Balmer Lawn Road up to Pignal Inclosure.

A gravel track divides the grassland and there are two Forestry Commission car parks - Tilery Road and Standing Hat.  The latter car park is at the entrance to Pignal Inclosure at the far end of the track.

About half way along the track is a bridge over a stream.  The stream runs from northwest to southeast.

Noticeable over much of Balmer Lawn is a series of close-spaced mounds, the dried-out bases of purple moor grass tussocks.  As on many other New Forest grasslands, the mounds are now heavily grazed by commoners’ stock, a practice made all the more possible following extensive drainage in the mid-19th century. The lawn can, though, still be incredibly wet after winter rains, and must previously have been positively swamp-like.

Just near the entrance to Pignal Inclosure is an old barn belonging to 'Victoria Tilery Cottage.
'Victoria Tilery Cottage' (Pignal Hill within a small Inclosure - Pignalhill Inclosure) acts as a permanent reminder of the Victoria Brick and Tile Works which once operated from this site.  The Victoria Brick and Tile Works was built in the mid-19th century by Josiah Parkes, a leading drainage expert.  It manufactured tile-pipes used to drain below-the-surface water and deposit it into specially cut, open channels that today still crisscross many New Forest lawns.

Victoria Tilery Cottage still shows on modern Ordnance Survey maps, and is actually the Victoria Brick and Tile Works manager’s bungalow, converted to a house. Nothing of the factory remains.

Balmer Lawn
[Photos taken 17 February 2017]
Balmer Lawn / Pignal Inclosure
[Photos taken 28 February 2017]
Pignal Inclosure
[Photos taken 28 December 2016]
Poundhill Inclosure
[Photos taken 26 December 2016]
Pignal Inclosure, Brockenhurst
[Photos taken 17 February 2017]
Ivy Wood
[Photos taken 24 February 2017]
Pignal, Ramnor and Parkhill Inclosures
My walk today took me through three adjoining Inclosures - Pignal, Ramnor and Parkhill, but there are no boundary fences separating them.
[Photos taken 9 March 2017]
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