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Highland Water (page 4)

Favourite Areas
The foam swirling around fallen branches in the stream create some wonderful patterns.
At this point the cycle path splits. It continues straight ahead (path on left) or to the right through a wooden gate. A wonderful bare gnarly tree is at this junction.
The wooden gate and my continuing route.
A brief look back towards the gnarly tree.
New plant growth is now starting to emerge in the Forest. The leaves of this young holly bush are turning from yellow to green.
Behind me at this point the cycle path splits again, going left and right. I have taken the right hand path leading towards another footbridge. A pony is grazing alongside the path.
Another pony emerges from the trees and heads towards us.
She stops to have a scratch on the post of the bridge.
Now she joins her friend and they continue grazing away from the bridge.
A third pony emerges from the trees on the right - a stallion this time.
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