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Holmsley car park entrance
Just out for a gentle stroll across the car park.
View from the Castleman Trail into Holmsley Inclosure, with the car park in the background beyond the trees. The 'Castleman Trail' follows most of the disused railway line which ran from Dorchester to Southampton. Ideal for walking or cycling, and horse riding on certain sections.
Amanita muscaria or "Fly Agaric" / "Fly Amanita" (poisonous)
Coprinus comatus or "Shaggy Ink Cap" (edible)

Warning:  A lot of mushrooms look very similar, some are edible and others are poisonous.

So, unless you know exactly what they are, DO NOT eat them.
New Forest Airfields Memorial
RAF Holmsley South

This memorial marks the site of RAF Holmsley South airfield, one of the largest of the 12 built in 1942 during the Second World War.

Set beside the Holmsley Inclosure, it is now the location of the Holmsley Campsite.

Holmsley Bridge
The original Holmsley Station was opened in 1847 on the Southampton to Dorchester railway line.  A brick arch carried the A35 road over the railway line,  which was replaced by the current steel structure in 1908.

Holmsley Railway Station was closed in 1964 when the line was replaced by the current Station Road, which goes from Burley to Brockenhurst.   The old station is now a tea room.  

Over the past 100 years the bridge has succumbed to the ravages of time and is in urgent need of repair.

As of  March 2016 the local council is now in discussion with district and parish councils, the Verderers, Forestry Commission and National Park Authority as well as the local business and nearby residents as they develop their plans to demolish the bridge.

Hampshire County Council has set aside £2 million for the work and has published four options:

  • Remove the bridge entirely, requiring a major new junction
  • Replace it on the current site, either by closing the A35 or erecting a temporary bridge during construction
  • Rebuild it three metres to the east, keeping the A35 open but cutting down trees to make way
  • Delay demolition, potentially propping the bridge up and closing Station Road

The A35 is a major route through the heart of the New Forest, so whatever option is decided upon there is going to be major disruption in this area.

As a resident I will be keeping a close watch on the progress of this situation.

I've taken the following photos of Holmsley Bridge as a way of preserving it for posterity.

Whatever the final outcome will be, I will take a photographic record for comparison to go on my website.

Holmsley Bridge
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