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Knightwood Oak

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Entrance to car park on right. The road on the left is Bolderwood Ornamental Drive, with the A35 a few hundred yards further up.
Turning around from previous photo, the entrance to car park is on the left. This view is looking along Bolderwood Ornamental Drive which leads straight ahead to Bolderwood, with the A35 a few hundred yards behind.
This sign in the car park guides you towards the historic 'Knightwood Oak.'
This lofty fir tree in the car park is just managing to hold onto its uppermost branches.
Another lofty fir tree in the car park, similarly stripped of its lower branches.
Crossing over Ornamental Drive with the car park behind, this view is looking towards the 'Knightwood Oak.' It is a few hundred yards ahead through those trees in the distance.
Another tree that you will encounter as you head towards the Knightwood Oak has a character all of its own.
An oak tree and silver birch compete for the same bit of real estate here.
The Edinburgh Oak
The Queen's Oak
Millenium Oak
The Deputy Surveyor's Oak
If you've ever visited the New Forest then you have got to have seen the biggest Oak tree here - the Knightwood Oak, and it's still growing.

It's situated in an area of the Forest called Knightwood Inclosure.  The Forestry Commission car park is about 200 feet away from the tree.  Fortunately for me, it's close to where I live so I can visit this area or pass by it whenever I want to.

The oak tree has wooden fencing all around it to protect it from the ponies, and has a couple of information boards giving a brief history.

An extract from one of the boards reads as follows:

"The Knightwood Oak is a living link with our past - we think this tree has been growing here for around 600 years.  It is the biggest oak in the New Forest - about 7.5 metres (25 feet) in girth.  People have come to visit since Victorian times - in 1870 the Ordnance Survey map called this tree 'the Queen of the Forest' ".

It really is an awesome tree.  The photos I took do not do justice to it, scaled down considerably for display purposes, but take my word for it, it is a spectacle to behold.
The Knightwood Oak
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