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Forestry Commission Car Parks Photos - set 1 (A - J)

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Acres Down
Andrew's Mare
Ashley Walk
Balmer Lawn
Barrow Moor
This is one of a series of car parks on Ornamental Drive. From the Rhinefield House Hotel to the A35 it is called Rhinefield Ornamental Drive and it continues on the other side of the A35 as Bolderwood Ornamental Drive up to Bolderwood car park.
Beaulieu Heath
Beaulieu Road
Beechern Wood
Blackwater car park entrance
Blackwell Common
Bolderwood car park entrance.
Boltons Bench / Queens / Boltons Cricket
Boltons Bench is a large parking area (signposted), consisting of three separate car parks. The two others are the previously named 'Queen's and 'Boltons Cricket', but they have now all been integrated under the one name. The 'old' Queens is the next one on the left, just past the War Memorial, and if you follow the road ahead you get to the 'old' Boltons Cricket on the right (opposite the cemetery).
This car park, near Tiptoe, is quite well hidden and not so easy to find.
Bramble Hill Walk
Bramshaw Wood
Bratley View
Broadley car park entrance.
Brock Hill
Brock Hill car park entrance
Brockishill Green
Subject to winter closure.
Broomy Walk
Brownhills car park entrance
Bull Hill
Burbush Hill
There is a new sign here (April 2015) which says "Burbush" but the wooden information pillar behind it says "Burbush Hill". I've been here many times and the old sign did say "Burbush Hill", named for the same geographic feature here. I've contacted the Forestry Commission for clarification.
Burley car park entrance
Burley Cricket
Burley Cricket car park entrance
Busketts Lawn
The car park and sign are set quite a way from the main road along this gravel track on the right.
Cadmans Pool
Cadnam Cricket
Castle Hill
Clay Hill (Burley)
There are two ways to get to this car park. This is the west end at the junction of Station Road / Bennetts Lane / Holmsley Passage, Burley, approx. 1/2 mile along a tarmac track, and the other is from the east end off the A35 at Wilverley Post, approx. 3/4 mile along a grassy/gravel track. There are barriers at each entrance which are closed between 2 March and 31 July to protect ground nesting birds. There are no signs at either end to indicate this parking area is here, but there is one at the actual car park. There is a small space at both entrances for a few cars to park if you still wish to walk around this area.
[See the section OTHER SIGHTS for more views of this area.]
Clay Hill Heath
This car park is misnamed. The sign should say "Clay Hill Heath", the same name as the surrounding area. There is a "Clay Hill" car park at Burley though. I have notified the Forestry Commission (4 April 2015) and have been assured this will be corrected in due course.
Closed between 2 March and 31 July to protect ground nesting birds.
Crockford Clump
Closed between 2 March and 31 July to protect ground nesting birds.
Subject to winter closure.
Deadman Hill
If you approach from the A35 along Deerleap Lane, the entrance is on the right just past the 'New Forest Wildlife Park.' The only sign here is that of a cycle route, so can easily be missed.
Dibden Inclosure
Eyeworth Pond
In 1871 the pond was created by damming Latchmore Brook, to provide a water source for a nearby gunpowder factory. The Schultze Gunpowder Factory, based at Eyeworth Lodge, began making powder for sporting guns in 1859. Ten years later Edward Schultze took charge of the factory and began production of smokeless gunpowder on a large scale, employing around 100 people at the height of production. The factory closed in 1921 but the pond remains to this day.
Football Green
The access to this car park is via Fritham Lane, which is a no through road. Continuing a few hundred yards from here is 'Eyeworth Pond' car park, and this is the furthest you can drive.
Godshill Cricket
Godshill Pit
Subject to winter closure
Hatchet Moor
Hatchet Pond
Hazel Hill
Subject to winter closure.
High Corner
Highland Water
Closed between 2 March and 31 July to protect ground nesting birds.
Hincheslea Moor
Hincheslea Moor car park
Holmsley car park entrance
Holmsley Walk
Horseshoe Bottom
Ivy Wood
James Hill
James Hill car park entrance
Janesmoor Pond
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