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Wilverley Inclosure

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Wilverley Inclosure is a woodland mixture of conifers and broadleaved trees, old and young.  The large grassed area next to it, Wilverley Plain, is very popular for families which is suitable for playing games or for picnics.

Paths with moderately smooth gravelled surfaces and some short, steep slopes along waymarked trails make it an ideal place for walking.

Please note that part of this trail is on a cycle route.

Public conveniences, barbecue site and picnic area are available here.

There are three Forestry Commission car parks, Wilverley Inclosure, Wilverley Plain and Wilverley Pit which are next to each other, and give access to the whole of the Wilverley area.  There is ample car parking at all of them.

A road inside Wilverley Inclosure and Wilverley Plain joins those two together, but Wilverley Pit doesn't have an adjoining road to the other two.  I have included all three locations in this one section for convenience as they have such a close proximity to each other, and serve pretty much the same area.

Wilverley Inclosure / Wilverley Plain / Wilverley Pit car parks
Victorian Wilverley Enclosure marker set beside a path in Wilverley Inclosure which reads:

"Wilverley Enclosure
containing 500 acres
Enclosed A.D. 1775 and 1809
Thrown open A.D. 1846
Re-Enclosed A.D. 1896
E. Stafford Howard Esq
Honble Gerald Lascelles
Deputy Surveyor"
The felling of trees is strictly controlled in the New Forest, and this one had been specially marked for that purpose. It was either felled due to damage or in one of the areas where they are specially grown for commercial reasons. You could count the rings on this one for yourself if you want to, to see how old it was ... (SPOILER ALERT, approx. 50 years old actually).
The start of a very long path with a nice gentle decent followed by a similar ascent.
This 'Sweet Chestnut' is a tree of two faces. Actually more like half a tree, with its top missing. Bark is still attached half way up on one side (photo 1), whereas the bark is completely stripped on the other side (photo 2). It could almost be one of the 'Ent' trees from Lord of the Rings with the branches being its arms and you can even pick out faces if you really look. This is just an example of some of the charms of the trees in the Forest. Your imagination knows no bounds as you conjure up your own images of what they portray. The Forest is a living, breathing, real-life fairytale wonderland.
A nice little home here for the mushrooms to grow, nestled in a recess of the growing tree. The large trunk laying on the ground has broken off from the main tree creating this haven.
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